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I became Successfully Unemployed at 37.
Here's how I can help you do the same. 

"You know how a lot of people struggle because they hate going back day after day to a job they can't stand where someone else is always calling the shots?


I help give people a way to create passive income through rental properties so they can quit the job they hate and call their own shots."

- Dustin Heiner

Follow the Proven Path to be Successfully Unemployed

In just 9 years of investing in real estate and over 35 rental properties later, I had enough monthly passive income to leave my dead-end job. Now, I am financially free, independent, and able to do whatever I want, whenever I want.


I’m here to teach you exactly how I did it and walk you through the process step-by-step. You will be able to learn from my mistakes, successes, and build your own real estate rental business from the ground up. 


Let me show you how to live the dream life with passive income in rental properties.

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Self-Study Courses

Real Estate Foundations Course


One-Time Purchase

  • 30+ Video Training Course

  • How to Prepare for Investing

  • Finding Properties

  • Know What Properties to Invest In

  • Where to Plan to Quit Your Job

  • Investing Worksheets

  • Tools and Downloads

  • Bonus Walk-through's


Unlimited Lifetime of the Course Access

Your First Investment Course


One-Time Purchase

  • 60+ Video Financial Training Course

  • Get to $10,000 Fast

  • Principals of the Rich

  • Make More Money

  • Slashing Expenses

  • Crushing Debt

  • Savings Builders

  • Tools and Downloads

  • Budgets & Worksheets

  • Tools and Downloads

  • Bonus Credit Repair


Unlimited Lifetime of the Course Access





One-Time Purchase

  • 30+ Video Advanced Training Course

  • Scale the Business to 10, 20, 30+ Properties

  • Use Other People's Money (OPM)

  • Strategies the Pro-Investors Use

  • Successfully Manage Multiple Areas

  • Run the Business for Maximum Profit

Unlimited Lifetime of the Course Access

Out of State Investing



One-Time Purchase

  • 30+ Video Out of State Training Course

  • Find the Best Income Producing Areas

  • How to Find New Areas w/out Flying

  • Knowing Which Properties to Buy

  • Run Your Business w/out Being There

  • Find Properties w/out Seeing Them

  • Invest All Over the Country


Unlimited Lifetime of the Course Access

The Ultimate Real Estate System


One-Time Purchase

  • Over 130+ Video Lessons
  • How to Find Properties
  • Build the Business
  • Make it Automatic
  • How to Make Cash Flow
  • Expert Interviews
  • 7 Weeks to Your First Property
  • Student Questions and Answers
  • Tools and Downloads
  • Special Student Discounts

Unlimited Lifetime of the Course Access

Self-Study Option

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  • Each Course Sold Separately

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  • Live Group Coaching Program

  • Archived Group Coaching Access

  • Access to MPI Student Investor Community


  • Monthly or Yearly Subscription

  • All Courses Included

  • Access Only As Long As You Are A Member

  • Live Group Coaching Program

  • Archived Group Coaching Access

  • Access to MPI Student Investor Community

  • Lifetime Access Not Included

Learn how to create passive income investing in real estate

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Chris B.

We owe our success to MPI and Dustin Heiner

"Thanks to Dustin, his books, courses, personal coaching, and experience, I have many properties that make me passive income and monthly cash flow. I highly recommend to everyone Dustin Heiner and his real estate courses, and coaching.


With Dustin’s help, I have learned the skills it takes to invest in real estate rental properties! I even bought a duplex in Alaska to live in and rented out the top unit to a nice family. Now the tenants pay my mortgage and I live in my own home for free!"

Stefanie C.

"Listening to Dustin and reading his books and courses gave us the confidence we needed to achieve passive income in real estate."

"Dustin is knowledgeable, inspiring, and has a contagious visionary spirit that encouraged us to follow what we once thought was an impossible dream. He gave us the tools we needed to make those seemingly impossible dreams an attainable, doable reality. Having a mentor like Dusty was our key to taking the first step."

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