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Get real estate investing education, group coaching, and mastermind community all in one place. 

Learn how to quit your Just Over Broke J.O.B. by investing in real estate rental properties like hundreds of my successful students have already done.

Premium Courses

Premium online courses for any level of investor: beginner-advanced. Completely go at your own pace and can be taken through "Self-Study" or through "Membership".

Group Coaching

Inside the membership, attend live 90-minute Group Coaching sessions with Coach Dustin Heiner as he and the MPI Coaches teach you how to build a successful real estate investing business.

Investor Community

Connect with the MPI Coaches and the other like-minded investors inside the MPI Mastermind Community. Ask questions about investing and get feedback how to be successful in your business.

Real Estate Wealth Builders Community

Learn how to quit your Just Over Broke J.O.B.

Take the Guess Work Out of Investing

Have you ever asked yourself these questions?

How do I get the money to buy properties?

How do I find the right properties to buy?

Which property do I buy and not lose money?

Who will manage the properties?

How do I find the right tenants?

How do I know if I will make money?

Here Is The Answer

You Need A Coach

Someone who has been there and experienced the investing struggles you are going through that can help guide you through the process.

You Need People

Surrounding yourself with like-minded people with the same goals who you can interact interact with and help each other be successful.

You Need Knowledge

Real estate investing is something you can learn and you need the proven step-by-step courses to show you how to invest successfully.

Included in the Membership

Real Estate
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All MPI Courses

Mastermind Community

Complete Access to the MPI Courses

Courses In The Membership


The very first investment you should ever make is in yourself.


Your First Investment is the course to get you to $10,000 of your own money to buy your first property. Once you have $10,000, your first property is in reach.


Learn from Dustin Heiner as he teaches you how to manage your finances, get out of debt, increase your income and think like the rich.

60+ Video Lessons Course

  • Get You to $10,000 to Buy Your First Property

  • Pay Off Debt Fast

  • Paying Yourself First

  • Slashing Expenses to Be Rich

Worksheets and Downloads

Get worksheets, downloads, and tools to help you get to your first investment and $10,000.

*Bonus* Fix Your Credit

You must have good credit in real estate investing. Learn amazing credit building strategies from Dustin Heiner  to help you invest in real estate.

Modules In Your First Investment Course Columns

Principles of the Rich

- Learn the Way of the Rich

- Future Challenges & Goals

- Emergency Fund

- Budget to Invest

- Make Money Don't Earn Money

- Cash is King

- Value of Other People's Money

- The Spending Trap

How to Make More Money

Side Hustles to Do Now

- Niche Site Dollars

- Negotiating A Raise

- Job Hopping to More $

- Start a Business

- Get paid for your place

- How to Make $200 a Day

Slashing Expenses

- Stop Digging the Hole

- Working Through the Budget

- YNAB Walk-through

- What Can We Cut

- Negotiating to Win

- Lowering Your Mortgage

- What To Do About the Car

- Embracing Frugality

Crushing Debt

- Get Out of Debt Fast

- Lock Up The Debt

- Lower Your Rate

- Car Loans

- Debt Snowball

- Debt Avalanche

- College Loans and Your Future

- Debt Consolidation





Just like a building, your business needs a strong foundation.


Learn what it takes to build a strong foundation for your real estate investing business.


The courses is designed for beginner to intermediate level investors.


  • 30+ Video Lessons by Dustin Heiner 

  • Finding Properties

  • Analyzing Properties

  • Know What Properties to Buy

Resources and Tools For A Strong Foundation

Complete Rental Property Investing Workbook

The Guide that will walk you through the entire process to investing in rental properties.

Modules In the Real Estate Foundations Course

Fundamentals of Real Estate

- Get Your Life Ready for Investing

- How to Make Money  Investing In Real Estate

- Learn the 6 Ways You Make Money In Real Estate

- Find out How to Quit Your Job With Rental Properties

Real Estate Business Plan

- How to Turn a Real Estate Transaction Into Cash

- Planning Out Your Business Process

- Build Your Team

- Invest and Think Like A Rich Person


Real Estate Profits Center

- Where to Find Money Making Properties

- How to Analyze the Deals

- Custom Walk-through to find properties

- Access to MPI Property Search Portal

Build Your Empire

- Get to Work Building Your Business

- How to Make a 780% Return on Your Money

- Set Up Your Company the Right Way





The Ultimate Real Estate Investing System is a hands-on online course that enables you to develop an AUTOMATIC rental property business from the ground up. Learn everything from buying your first property to making passive income every month from the rent.


Investing your hard earned money is a very nerve wracking thing to do.  All the worries, concerns, and hesitations will try to stop you from living the dream life. This system will give you the knowledge and the tools to get started, build your business, and successfully quit your job.


In The Ultimate Real Estate Investing System, I’ll teach you, step-by-step to build your very own real estate investing business. With high quality videos and many, strategies, pro-tips, and examples along the way.

  • 130+ Video Lessons with Dustin Heiner 

  • Start Your Business the Right Way

  • Create an Automatic Business

  • Make Passive Income Every Month

  • All the tools you need to build a successful business

Resources and Tools

Get all the tools that Dustin and other professional investors use to run their business.

Loads of Bonuses

  • 7 Weeks to Your First Property
  • Advanced Business Building
  • Expert Interviews
  • Student Questions and Answers
  • Tools, Downloads, Worksheets, Checklists
  • Special student discounts to important tools 

See What's Inside The Course

Section 1: Your Key to Passive Income

Section 2: Rental Properties and Big Profits

Section 3: Start Your Business Right

Section 4: Real Estate and Monthly Cash Flow

Section 5: Build Your Investing Dream Team

Bonus Sections

Bonus 1: 7 Weeks to Your First Property

Bonus 2: Advanced Business Strategies to Scale Your Business

Bonus 3: Special Paid Webinar Bonus Replays

Bonus 4: Expert Real Estate Investor Interviews

Bonus 5: Tools and Download Vault


Most people can buy one or two properties on their own.


It is another thing to scale your business to 10, 20, 30, or more properties.


This advanced course teaching you how to scale your business to quit your job. PLUS how to make your business run on its own without you.


Invest all over the country and grow your business to 6-Figures a year and never work a J.O.B. again.

  • Video Lessons by Dustin Heiner 

  • How to Find Properties Without Flying

  • Make Sure Your Properties Are Protected

  • Find Money Making Areas of the Country

Professional Out Of State Tools to Help You Run Your Business

Make Even More Money

Investing in areas of the country that the professionals invest in. Learn how to make cheap homes make loads of money for you!


Investing out of state takes more than just buying a house.

  • How do you know where to buy?
  • How do you find the right people to run your business?
  • How do you make sure you don't lose money with people stealing from you?

All this and more is what Out of State Investing is all about. Learn how to invest in the most profitable places in the country with this step by step system.

  • Video Lessons by Dustin Heiner 

  • How to Find Properties Without Flying

  • Make Sure Your Properties Are Protected

  • Find Money Making Areas of the Country

Professional Out Of State Tools to Help You Run Your Business

Make Even More Money

Investing in areas of the country that the professionals invest in. Learn how to make cheap homes make loads of money for you!

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Real Estate Wealth Builders


All MPI Courses

Group Coaching

Mastermind Community

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