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The Ultimate Real Estate System


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  • Over 130+ Video Lessons
  • How to Find Properties
  • Build the Business
  • Make it Automatic
  • How to Make Cash Flow
  • Expert Interviews
  • 7 Weeks to Your First Property
  • Student Questions and Answers
  • Tools and Downloads
  • Special Student Discounts

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Real Estate Foundations Course


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  • 30+ Video Training Course

  • How to Prepare for Investing

  • Finding Properties

  • Know What Properties to Invest In

  • Where to Plan to Quit Your Job

  • Investing Worksheets

  • Tools and Downloads

  • Bonus Walk-through's


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Your First Investment Course


One-Time Purchase

  • 60+ Video Financial Training Course

  • Get to $10,000 Fast

  • Principals of the Rich

  • Make More Money

  • Slashing Expenses

  • Crushing Debt

  • Savings Builders

  • Tools and Downloads

  • Budgets & Worksheets

  • Tools and Downloads

  • Bonus Credit Repair


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  • 30+ Video Advanced Training Course

  • Scale the Business to 10, 20, 30+ Properties

  • Use Other People's Money (OPM)

  • Strategies the Pro-Investors Use

  • Successfully Manage Multiple Areas

  • Run the Business for Maximum Profit

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Out of State Investing



One-Time Purchase

  • 30+ Video Out of State Training Course

  • Find the Best Income Producing Areas

  • How to Find New Areas w/out Flying

  • Knowing Which Properties to Buy

  • Run Your Business w/out Being There

  • Find Properties w/out Seeing Them

  • Invest All Over the Country


Unlimited Lifetime of the Course Access

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  • Live Group Coaching Program

  • Archived Group Coaching Access

  • Access to MPI Student Investor Community


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  • All Courses Included

  • Access Only As Long As You Are A Member

  • Live Group Coaching Program

  • Archived Group Coaching Access

  • Access to MPI Student Investor Community

  • Lifetime Access Not Included

Learn how to create passive income investing in real estate

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Hi, I'm Dustin Heiner the creator of
Master Passive Income.

We teach people how to stop living paycheck to paycheck and start living the dream life without a job.


Weather you are new to investing or a veteran, we will help you to build an automatic business that allows you to never work a job again.

Step-by-Step System

The Step-by-Step Real Estate Investor System is designed to help you escape the rat race of life. The system has 9 complete real estate investing sections that show you how to build a real estate business from scratch.

Advanced Investor Training

The 6 Amazing Bonuses

sections are ready for you to take your new business to the next level.

These 6 Bonus sections are your advanced training to teach you how to grow your business to allow you to live the dream life.

MPI Investor Community

Work with other UREI Students in the MPI Investor Community. Real estate investing is a team sport. Quickly expand your network with the MPI Investor Community. Connect with other investors to build your business. 


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